Official Bio:  I am a practicing midwife and post-graduate researcher in Public Health. My academic background is in medical anthropology (University of Cambridge). My NIHR funded PhD, (ScHARR, University of Sheffield) is a qualitatve study of breastfeeding and health care inequalities. My professional interests are in global maternal health for safe motherhood and midwifery education. I am an active campaigner for maternity care during migration and diaspora with Medical Justice and I am currently living in Malawi, training midwives and improving intrapartum care with the Mzati Trust. I am also a trustee of the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust, who support midwifery education and research in the UK, where I am lucky enough to work with some very inspirational midwives.

Unofficial Bio: I’m originally from the North of England, firstly Hebden Bridge then Manchester. I like my friends, music, reading, cooking and walking up hills. Most especially I love my small daughter, Lyra, who likes friends, reading, spiderman bicycles and NOT walking up hills.  My most unusual job was working as a punting tour guide on the Cam, being ‘creative’ with the history of that ancient and noble city and wearing a silly hat. I can also drive a narrow boat, having lived on one for quite a few years, and can get a 70-footer round the Regents Canal/Camden Lock Corner, with only mild abrasions. I’m currently living in Blantyre, Malawi, trying to finish my thesis and doing vaguely helpful Midwifery things.

If you have any questions, professional or otherwise, please contact me below.

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